Ajnabi Bandhan Complete Urdu Novel By Minal Mehar

Urdu Novel: Ajnabi Bandhan
Writer: Minal Mehar
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Ajnabi Bandhan Description:
Ajnabi Bandhan is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Ajnabi Bandhan is a Love Story Urdu Novel, Ajnabi Bandhan is a Suspense based urdu novels, Ajnabi Bandhan is a Cousins Marriage Based urdu novel, Ajnabi Bandhan is a Rude Hero based Urdu Novel, Ajnabi Bandhan is a unique story, Ajnabi Bandhan is a Love After Marriage Urdu Novel, Ajnabi Bandhan is a Childhood Nikkah Urdu Novel, Ajnabi Bandhan is a Short urdu novel, Ajnabi Bandhan is a very interesting urdu novel by Minal Mehar.
Sneak Peak of Ajnabi Bandhan by Minal Mehar.
مجھے کوٸی طریقہ بتا کہ میں اسے بھول جاٶ یا پھر کچھ ایسا کر کے وہ مجھے مل جاۓ۔
آرش نے بے بسی سے اس کو دیکھا جو اس کے نام کے علاوہ کچھ نہیں جانتا تھا۔ یہ نام بھی اس نے شازم کے منہ سے سنا تھا۔ جس کو اس نے کبھی دیکھا نہ تھا کیسے وہ اسے ڈھونڈ سکتا تھا۔ شازم کے پاس اس کی کوٸی تصویر بھی نہ تھی۔
آرش نے افسوس سے اس کی طرف دیکھا جسے محبت دھیمک کی طرح چاٹ رہی تھی۔ اسے وہ کوٸی دیوانہ ہی لگا۔ واقعی اسے یقین آیا تھا کہ محبت ایک بے اختیار جذبہ ہے جس پر انسان کا خود پر کوٸی زور نہیں چلتا۔
کہنے کو اس کے پاس کچھ تھا ہی نہیں۔
Tell me some way so that I can forget him or do something like this to find him.
Arash looked helplessly at him who knew nothing but his name. He also heard this name from the mouth of Shazam. How could he find someone whom he had never seen? Shazam did not even have a picture of him.
Arash sadly looked at him who was being licked by love. He thought he was crazy. He really believed that love is an uncontrollable emotion on which a person does not exert any effort on himself.
He had nothing to say.
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Ajnabi Bandhan By Minal Mehar

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