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Novel NameAzizam Complete Urdu Novel
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AutherHoori Shah
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Urdu Novel: Azizam
Writer: Hoori Shah
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Azizam Description:
Azizam is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Azizam is a Cousin Marriage Based Urdu Novel, Azizam is a Forced Marriage Based Urdu Novel, Azizam is a Suspense Based urdu novel, Wani Based Urdu Novel, Azizam Rude Cousin Based Urdu Novel, Azizam is a Revange based Urdu Novel, Azizam is a unique story, Azizam is a Wadera based Urdu Novel, Azizam is a Rude hero based Urdu Novel, Azizam is a Short urdu novel, Azizam is a very interesting urdu novel by Hoori Shah.
Sneak Peak of Azizam by Hoori Shah.
ویران سڑکوں پر پاگلوں کی طرح ڈرائیو کرتا وہ کئی دفعہ بچا تھا آنکھیں سرخ انگارہ ہورہی تھیں کیسے کرسکتے تھے اسکے ماں باپ ایسا۔
ڈیم۔۔۔۔وہ بری طرح چیخا تھا اس کا دل کر رہا تھا سب کچھ تیس نہس کردے.
جھٹکے سے گاڑی روک اس نے زور سے اپنا ہاتھ اسٹیرنگ پر مارا تھا خواب ٹوٹا تھا وہ کیسے برداشت کر پاتا محبت نا ملے تو صبر آتا ہے مگر ملنے والی ہو اور چھین لی جائے تو انسان پاگل ہوجاتا ہے وہ اسکی ہونے والی تھی
He used to drive like a madman on the deserted roads.
Dam. He screamed badly, his heart was pounding everything.
He stopped the car with a shock, he hit his hand on the steering wheel hard, the dream was broken, how could he bear it, if love is not found, patience comes, but if it is about to be found and taken away, a person becomes crazy, it was meant to be his.
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Hoori Shah have some incredible Novels book distributed in episodic form and also some of the novels are mentioned bellow. Hoori Shah positioned high in Urdu stories. which satisfies the motivation behind instructing the community about moral values.
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Azizam By Hoori Shah

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1 Azizam Complete Urdu Novel By Hoori Shah
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