Be parwah Complete Urdu Novel By Ayesha Noor

Novel NameBe parwah Complete Urdu Novel
AutherAyesha Noor
Total Pages1013

Urdu Novel: Be parwah
Writer: Ayesha Noor
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Be parwah Description:
Be parwah is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Be parwah is a Family Based Urdu Novel, Be parwah is a Rude Hero Based Urdu Novel, Be parwah is a Suspense Based urdu novel, Love Story Urdu Novel, Be parwah is a Love at first side Based Urdu Novel, Be parwah is a Cousin Love based Urdu Novel, Be parwah is a unique story, Be parwah is a Sexual Herrasment Urdu Novel, Be parwah is a Women rights based Urdu Novel, Be parwah is a Social Hardness urdu novel, Be parwah is a Long urdu novel, Be parwah is a very interesting urdu novel by Ayesha Noor.
Sneak Peak of Be parwah by Ayesha Noor.
گاڑی روکو۔ وہ چلاٸی تھی اپنی توہیں کہاں برداشت تھی اسے۔ آٸی سیڈ اسٹاپ دا کار۔ اب کے وہ غراٸی تھی
زارون نے ایک جھٹکے سے گاڑی روکی تھی۔اور وہ ایک لمحہ بھی زاٸع کیۓ بغیر گاڑی سے اتری تھی۔ اور زور سے گاڑی کا دروازہ بند کیاتھا۔ یہ تقریباً روز کا ہی معمول تھا ماں کو دکھانے کیلۓ وہ اسکے ساتھ گاڑی میں بیٹھ جاتی تھی اور راستے میں لڑ کر اتر جاتی۔
کیا مسئلہ ہے تمہارے ساتھ۔ زارون نے گاڑی کی کھڑکی سے سر باہر نکال کر اس سے پوچھا تھا۔ مجھے نہیں جانا تمہارے ساتھ منہ موڑکر غصے سے جواب دیا تھا زرتاج نے۔ تم چاہتی ہو میں تمہاری منتیں کروں تو میں ایسا ہرگز نہیں کروں گا۔
بھاڑ میں جاؤ میری طرف سے۔
واہ نخرے تو دیکھو ماہرانی کے۔ زارون نےمنہ بڑبڑاتے گاڑی اسٹارٹ کردی تھی
Stop the car. She shouted where she could bear her insults. Isid stop car. Now she was ugly
Zaroon stopped the car with a jerk. And she got out of the car without wasting even a moment. And closed the door of the car. It was almost a daily routine to show her mother that she would sit in the car with him and fight on the way.
what is the problem with you Zaroon asked him by sticking his head out of the car window. I do not want to go with you, Zartaj replied angrily. If you want me to do your bidding, I will never do that.
Fuck me.
Look at the experts. Zarun started the car muttering
That fourteen-year-old girl was sitting on her knees near the grave, shedding tears, and the thirty-three-year-old young boy was standing next to her. The lack was not felt
As he went, he bound them both in a strong bond
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Be parwah By Ayesha Noor

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