Bhagoda Complete Urdu Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohler

Urdu Novel: Bhagoda
Writer: Riaz Aqib Kohler
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Bhagoda Description:
Bhagoda is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Bhagoda is a commando soldier based Urdu Novel, Bhagoda is a Action urdu novels, Bhagoda is a Fight Based urdu novel, Bhagoda is a Army Based Urdu Novel, Bhagoda is a suspense urdu novel, Bhagoda is a Rude Hero Based Urdu Novel, Bhagoda is a military based urdu novel, Bhagoda is a very interesting urdu novel by Riaz Aqib Kohler.
Sneak Peak of Bhagoda by Riaz Aqib Kohler.
بھگوڑا ایک کمانڈو سپاہی کی فوجی پس منظر کی کہانی ہے جو حالات کا شکار ہو کر بغیر سرکاری چھٹی کے غیر حاضر ہو گیا اور ڈیزرٹر قرار دیا گیا جسے عام طور پر بھگوڑا کہا جاتا ہے۔
Bhaguda is a military background story of a commando soldier who due to circumstances becomes absent without official leave and is declared a deserter commonly known as a fugitive.
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Riaz Aqib Kohler furthermore have some incredible books distributed in episodic form and also some of them are mentioned bellow. Riaz Aqib Kohler positioned high in Urdu stories. which satisfies the motivation behind instructing the community about moral values.
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Bhagoda By Riaz Aqib Kohler

Assalam alaikum wrwb I don’t know what should I say about the novels of Riaz aqib Kohler and especially The Sniper. I mean it’s tremendously written by the writer. Sooo engaging. Beautiful depiction of the areas and other than that reader love the character of the story. One main point I wanted to discuss about the writer what I found i his almost all novels the male character. He is generous, kind and humble and above all he respects women. These are the qualities which lacks in today’s novels. One thing I must say the slight open relationship before which I must condemn. May be males see things quiet differently. Beside this novel is amazing

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