Divoonatam Season 1 Complete Urdu Novel By Jiya Abbasi

Novel NameDivoonatam Season 1 Complete Urdu Novel
AutherJiya Abbasi
Total Pages395

Divoonatam Season 1 Urdu Novel by Jiya Abbasi.
Urdu Novel: Divoonatam Season 1
Writer: Jiya Abbasi
Divoonatam Season 1 Description:
Divoonatam Season 1 is a Romantic and also very unique story urdu Novel, Divoonatam Season 1 is a love story of Jin and Girl Urdu Novel, Rude Hero Urdu Novel, Divoonatam Season 1 social and fiction based urdu novel, Divoonatam Season 1 is also a Suspense and thriller urdu novel, Divoonatam Season 1 is very interesting love story Urdu Novel by Jiya Abbasi.
Sneak Peak of Divoonatam Season 1 by Jiya Abbasi.
ہاتھ میں ٹارچ پکڑے، پھولتے تنفس اور تیز قدموں سے آگے بڑھتی وہ اس گھنے خوفناک جنگل سے نکلنے کا راستہ تلاش کر رہی تھی۔ گھنے جنگل میں پھیلتا دھواں اور دور سے آتی بھیڑیوں کی آواز نے سوچنے سمجھنے کی صلاحیت کو ناکارہ بنا دیا تھا۔ ماؤف ہوتے ذہن کے ساتھ وہ آگے بڑھ کر جھاڑیوں کو ہٹاتے ہوئے ایک بار پھر وہیں آ کھڑی ہوئی جہاں سے چلنا شروع کیا تھا۔
اُف میرے خدا !! یہ جنگل تو ختم ہی نہیں ہوتا۔
Holding a flashlight in her hand, breathing heavily and stepping forward, she was looking for a way out of this horrible jungle. Smoke billowing through the dense forest and the sound of wolves coming from afar impaired the ability to think and understand. With a lost mind, she stepped forward, removed the bushes, and once again stood where she had begun to walk.
Oh my god This forest never ends.
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Divoonatam Season 1 By Jiya Abbasi

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