Dostat Daram Complete Urdu Novel By Areej Shah

Novel NameDostat Daram Complete Urdu Novel
Total Pages1262
AutherAreej Shah
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Urdu Novel: Dostat Daram
Writer: Areej Shah
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Dostat Daram Description:
Dostat Daram is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Dostat Daram is a Rude cousin Hero based Urdu Novel, Dostat Daram is a Love Marriage based urdu novels, Dostat Daram is a Havaili Based urdu novel, Dostat Daram is a Long Urdu Novel, Dostat Daram is a suspense urdu novel, Dostat Daram is a Wadera Based Urdu Novel, Dostat Daram is a Innocent Heroin based urdu novel, Dostat Daram is a very interesting urdu novel by Areej Shah.
Sneak Peak of Dostat Daram by Areej Shah.
وہ تو سراپا عشق تھا ٹوٹ کر محبت کرنے والا۔وہ جس بھی چیز کو چاہتا تھااتنی شدت اتنی جنونیت سے چاہتا تھا کہ وہ چیز خودبھی ہمیشہ اسکی ہو جانے کی تمنا کرتی تھی اور زاوش کی بھی یہی تمنا تھی وہ اب صرف اسکی ہو کر رہنا چاہتی تھی۔
وہ انمول تھا خود سے جڑے ہر تعلق کو انمول بنا دیتا تھا اس نے آج اسے بھی انمول کر دیا تھا۔ اسے صرف اور صرف ساحر شاہ کا کردیا تھا۔
He was an absolute love, a broken lover. Whatever he wanted, he wanted it so intensely that that thing itself always wished to be his, and Zavash also had the same wish to be only his now. wanted
He was priceless, he made every relationship with him priceless, he made it priceless today too. It was done only by Sahir Shah.
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Areej Shah have some incredible Novels book distributed in episodic form and also some of the novels are mentioned bellow. Areej Shah positioned high in Urdu stories. which satisfies the motivation behind instructing the community about moral values.
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Dostat Daram By Areej Shah

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