Faiz-E-Ishq Complete Novel

Faiz-E-Ishq Complete Novel is writen by Amjad Javed Social Romantic story, famouse Urdu Novel Online Reading at Urdu Novel Collection. Amjad Javed is an established writer and writing regularly. The novel Faiz-E-Ishq Complete Novel also “More than 27 years writing experience . 2 Television drama serial and 21 books are on credit. By Ilmoirfan publishers Lahore. Recently joined monthly “”Ilm o Irfan Digest “” Lahore as Editor. Column Tarrdy Baziya (تھڑے بازیاں ) in monthly CHNAND & Daily INSAF Lahore in 2007.” We hope Urdu Novel Collection Readers will like this beautiful Urdu Novel and give their feedback.

Faiz-E-Ishq Complete Novel By Amjad Javed

Faiz-E-Ishq Complete By Amjad Javed

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