Faraib Complete Urdu Novel By Umaima Mukarram

Novel NameFaraib Complete Urdu Novel
AutherUmaima Mukarram
Total Pages690

Urdu Novel: Faraib
Writer: Umaima Mukarram
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Faraib Description:
Faraib is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Faraib is a Love Story Based Urdu Novel, Faraib is a Crime Based Urdu Novel, Faraib is a Suspense Based urdu novel, Action Urdu Novel, Faraib Love Marriage based Urdu Novel, Faraib is a Women rights based Urdu Novel, Faraib is a unique story, Faraib is a Gang based Urdu Novel, Faraib is a Rude Hero based Urdu Novel, Faraib is a Long urdu novel, Faraib is a very interesting urdu novel by Umaima Mukarram.
Sneak Peak of Faraib by Umaima Mukarram.
جب بات عزت پر آئے تو دفاع میں جان جانا جائز ہے تو اس کی جان لینا کیوں نہیں جو عزت لوٹ رہا ہو۔اپنی جان لینے سے صرف تم بچوگی اور اسکی جان لینے سے تمہاری جیسی کئی۔
جب آخری راستہ موت ہی ہے تو کیوں بازی نا کھیلی جائے؟ ۔ مرنے سے پہلے ایک کوشش سامنے والے کو مارنے کی کیوں نا کی جائے ؟
When it comes to honor, it is permissible to take life in defense, so why not take the life of the person who is returning the honor. By taking your life, only you will be saved and by taking his life, many others like you will be saved.
When the last resort is death, why not play the game? . Why not make an attempt to kill the person in front before dying?
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Faraib By Umaima Mukarram

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