Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat Complete Urdu Novel By Shah Khawar Tanha

Urdu Novel: Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat
Writer: Shah Khawar Tanha
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Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat Description:
Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat is a Love Story Based Urdu Novel, Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat is a havaili urdu novels, Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat is a Rude Cousin Hero based urdu novel, Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat is a Wadera based Urdu Novel, Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat is a very interesting urdu novel by Shah Khawar Tanha.
Sneak Peak of Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat by Shah Khawar Tanha.
ہائے اللہ۔۔یہ کون تھے،جو اس طرح باغ میں آگئے تھے۔اگر کسی نے انکو وہاں دیکھ لیا ہوتا تو۔؟ لیکں انکی باتوں سے تو یہی لگ رہا تھاکہ وہ سچ کہہ رہے تھے، اور پھر دوائی والا پرچہ بھی وہیں گرا ہوا تھا، مگر حویلی سے کوئی اس طرف آگیا ہوتا تو۔۔! سوچ کر ہی دل زور زور سے دھڑکنے لگ گیا ہے، مگر ان کی آنکھیں کتنی مختلف اور دل میں اتر جانے والی آنکھیں تھیں۔۔! اف خدایا۔۔یہ میں کیا سوچ رہی ہوں۔۔؟
وہ خود کو سرزنش کرتے ہوئے بولی۔۔
Oh Allah. Who were they, who came to the garden like this. If anyone had seen them there? But from their words, it seemed that they were telling the truth, and the paper containing the medicine was also lying there, but if someone had come to that side from the mansion! Just thinking about it, the heart has started to beat strongly, but how different and heart touching were their eyes..! Oh God, what am I thinking?
She scolded herself.
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Ghair Mukamal Si Muhabbat By Shah Khawar Tanha

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