Hulm Complete Urdu Novel By Hannah Zayan Shah

Novel NameHulm Complete Urdu Novel
AutherHannah Zayan Shah
Total Pages216

Hulm Urdu Novel by Hannah Zayan Shah.
Urdu Novel: Hulm
Writer: Hannah Zayan Shah
Hulm Description:
Hulm is a Force Marriage Urdu Novel, Hulm Romantic urdu Novel, Hulm is also a Age Difference and Crime Based urdu novel, Rude Hero, Revenge and Suspense Based Urdu Novel by Hannah Zayan Shah.
Sneak Peak of Hulm by Hannah Zayan Shah.
کیا آپ کو سحر اپنی بیوی کے طور پر قبول ہیں۔
بلکل قبول ہیں۔زعبان کا لہجہ پہلی مرتبہ نرم تھا پر بات وہی تھی۔۔۔دکھاوا بھی کسی چیز کا نام ہے۔۔
سحر آلفہ اور زعبان علی۔آپ دونوں کو سب کی طرف سے میاں بیوی بننے کی بہت سی مبارک۔۔مولوی صاحب نے کہا اور پورے ہال میں تالیاں گونج اٹھیں۔۔۔اس نے کر لیا تھا۔وہ کر لیا تھا جو وہ سوچ بھی نہیں سکتی تھی۔
زعبان جیت گیا تھا۔۔۔غلط ہو کر بھی۔۔۔
وہ ہار گئی تھی۔۔۔سہی ہو کر بھی۔۔
Do you accept Sahar as your wife?
Absolutely acceptable. The tone of the language was soft for the first time but it was the same thing. Pretense is also the name of something.
Sahar Alfa and Zaaban Ali. Congratulations to both of you for becoming husband and wife. Maulvi Sahib said and applause resounded in the whole hall. He did it. Could not
Zaban had won … even if it was wrong …
She was defeated … albeit …
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Hulm By Hannah Zayan Shah

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