IQ Complete Novel By Rehmat Sheikh

IQ Urdu Novel by Rehmat Sheikh.
Urdu Novel: IQ
Writer: Rehmat Sheikh
IQ Description:
IQ is a Romantic, Rude Hero, intellegent and innocent heroine, sincere and loving hero, islamic and reality based unique Urud Novel.
Sneak Peak of IQ.
You are not the one I want to be your life partner. My type is something else. I can never make you a part of life. Newer
He was not angry. She did not cry and she was not scared. She was completely silent. He had said his thing. And she was standing there lost in the magic of his words.
تم وہ نہیں ہو جسے میں لائف پارٹنر بناوں۔۔ میری ٹائپ کچھ اور ہے۔۔ میں تمہیں کبھی بھی لائف کا ایک پارٹ نہیں بنا سکتا۔۔ نیور۔۔
اسے غصہ نہیں آیا تھا۔۔ نہ ہی وہ روئی تھی اور نہ ہی وہ ڈری۔۔ وہ بالکل ساکت ہوئی وی تھی۔۔ وہ اپنی بات کہہ کر جا چکا تھا۔۔ اور وہ وہیں کھڑی اسکی باتوں کے سحر میں کھوئی ہوئی تھی۔
اس نے اپنے دائیں طرف کھڑکی کے پار دیکھا تو وہاں اسے وہ شخص اپنی ٹائپ کے ساتھ ہنس ہنس کر باتیں کرتا نظر آیا۔۔
تنگ پینٹ پر بلیک تنگ ہی ٹاپ پہنی وہ لڑکی اگر اسکی ٹائپ تھی تو وہ حجابی اور نقابی کو اپنی ریجیکشن پر خوشی ہوئی۔۔
پہلی بار اسے اس ریجیکشن پر خوشی ہوئی تھی۔
Novels Collection of Famouse and also most readed Novels. IQ is about romantic, Strugle and hardworkin cousin based urdu novel, Motivational and Interesting Novel in urdu. IQ at Urdu Novels Collection. Rehmat Sheikh written a variety of urdu novels and has large number of fans waiting for new novels.Rehmat Sheikh also writes suspense, Romantic, Social Issue and rude hero based urdu novels. Rehmat Sheikh novels are published in episodic on every month at various platforms furthermore online released.
We hope Urdu Novel Collection even more Readers will like this Interesting IQ Urdu Novel and also give their feedback.

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Rehmat Sheikh furthermore have some incredible books distributed in episodic form and also some of them are mentioned bellow. Rehmat Sheikh positioned high in Urdu stories. which satisfies the motivation behind instructing the community about moral values.
Rehmat Sheikh novels list is listed bellow.

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IQ By Rehmat Sheikh

Please add some more novels of Rehmat Sheikh.. like she wrote IQ NOVEL which is master piece. I want to read it in your web.. please add it toooo..

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