Ishqam Complete Urdu Novel By Binte shah Jahan Ali

Novel NameIshqam Complete Urdu Novel
AutherBinte shah Jahan Ali
Total Pages329

Urdu Novel: Ishqam
Writer: Binte shah Jahan Ali
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Ishqam Description:
Ishqam is a Urdu Romantic Urdu Novel, Ishqam is a Love at first sight Based Urdu Novel, Ishqam is a Suspense Based Based Urdu Novel, Ishqam is a Love Marriage Based Urdu Novel, Ishqam is a Innocent Heroin Based Urdu Novel, Ishqam is a Rude Hero based Urdu Novel, Ishqam is a Rude Cousin Hero Based Novel, Ishqam is a Urdu Childhood Love Based Urdu Novel, Ishqam Love Story Based Urdu Novel, Ishqam is a humour urdu novel, Ishqam is a Emotions based Urdu Novel, Ishqam is a Urdu Short novel, Ishqam is a very interesting urdu novel by Binte shah Jahan Ali.

Sneak Peak and Story Line of Ishqam by Binte shah Jahan Ali

مومل اس سخت آدمی کے مزاج میں کنفیوزڈ سر دبانے لگی
اور عفان کے چہرے کو بغور دیکھنے لگی
اتنا معصوم لگتا ہے اور اتنا کھڑوس ہے کہ توبہ مومل دل میں منہ بنا کر بولی
مجھے کیا بھاڑ میں جائے میری تو لائف خراب کر دی ساری اب کی بار مومل غصے سے دل میں بولی
ہو گئی ہوں تو برائی اب انسانوں کی طرح سر دباؤ عفان مومل کی انگلیوں کے دباؤ سے اسکے دل حال جان رہا تھا
مومل نے اپنی آنکھیں حیرانگی سے کھولیں
اور بنا کچھ سوچے عفان کا سر دبانے لگی
Momal nodded, confused at the tough man mood
And started looking carefully at Affan face
It seems so innocent and so ugly that repentance speaks in a warm heart
What the hell is going to happen to me?
If the evil is done, now like human beings, the pressure of the head was felt by the pressure of Affan Momal fingers
Momal opened his eyes in surprise
And without thinking, Affan head started pressing

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Ishqam By Binte shah Jahan Ali

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