Junoon E Ishq Complete Urdu Novel By Zainab Rajpoot

Novel NameJunoon E Ishq Complete Urdu Novel
AutherZainab Rajpoot
Total Pages676

Junoon E Ishq Urdu Novel by Zainab Rajpoot.
Urdu Novel: Junoon E Ishq
Writer: Zainab Rajpoot
Junoon E Ishq Description:
Junoon E Ishq is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Urdu Novel Of Rudu Hero and Innocent heroin, Love Marriage based urdu novel, Love Story and Suspense Urdu Novel by Zainab Rajpoot.
Sneak Peak of Junoon E Ishq by Zainab Rajpoot.
Get out of here. She cried and struggled to find a place to hide.
Dad, look, Sassad, you go to the judge, Mum, forgive me, Mum, I will never say anything to you. I will give all my property to you.
Fadak cried and walked towards the dressing room barely speaking. She knew that Saad would not leave her, so he came again to seek revenge. to her.
I was shocked to hear the mention of Rafi Saad. But then he soon realized that he must have had a dream.
چلے جاو یہاں سے. وہ روتے ہوئے بامشکل سے بولتی چھپنے کی جگہ ڈھونڈنے لگی تھی ۔
دد دیکھو سسسعد تت تم چچ چلے جج جاؤ ، مم مجھے مم معاف کر دو میں تمہیں کبھی بھی کچھ نہیں کک کہوں گی۔ اپنی اس ساری جائیداد بب بھی میں تمہارے نام کر دوں گی۔
فدک روتے بکھرے حلیے میں بمشکل سے کہتی ڈریسنگ روم کی جانب بڑھی تھی ۔۔ وہ جانتی تھی کہ سعد اسے نہیں چھوڑے گا اسی لیے تو وہ دوبارہ سے بدلہ لینے آیا تھا۔۔ اس سے۔
رافع سعد کا ذکر سن کے چونکا تھا۔ مگر پھر جلد ہی وہ سمجھ چکا تھا کہ ہو ناں ہو اس نے ضرور کوئی خواب دیکھا تھا۔
Novels Collection of Famouse and also most readed Novels. Junoon E Ishq is Women educational, Motivational and Interesting Novel in urdu. Junoon E Ishq at Urdu Novels Collection. Zainab Rajpoot written a variety of urdu novels and has large number of fans waiting for new novels.Zainab Rajpoot also writes suspense, Romantic, Social Issue and rude hero based urdu novels. Zainab Rajpoot novels are published in episodic on every month at various platforms furthermore online released.
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Junoon E Ishq By Zainab Rajpoot

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