Mishaaf Complete Urdu Novel By Anabiya Shaikh

Novel NameMishaaf Complete Urdu Novel
Total Pages342
AutherAnabiya Shaikh
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Urdu Novel: Mishaaf
Writer: Anabiya Shaikh
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Mishaaf Description:
Mishaaf is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Mishaaf is a Love Marriage Based Urdu Novel, Mishaaf is a friendship Based Urdu Novel, Mishaaf is a Suspense Based urdu novel, Suspense Based Urdu Novel, Mishaaf Love Story Urdu Novel, Mishaaf is a Love at first sight based Urdu Novel, Mishaaf is a unique story, Mishaaf is a Social Issues Love based Urdu Novel, Mishaaf is a Rude Cousin hero based Urdu Novel, Mishaaf is a Short Stories urdu novel, Mishaaf is a very interesting urdu novel by Anabiya Shaikh.
Sneak Peak of Mishaaf by Anabiya Shaikh.
مشعف کہانی ہے ایسے کرداروں کی جو اپنے نفس میں اس قدر گم ہو جاتے ہیں کہ جس گناہ سے انہیں دور رہنے کو کہا گیا وہ اس کو اپنا حق سمجھ کر کرتے ہیں۔ ایسے کردار جو اپنا اصل مقصد بھول کر دنیا کی رنگینیوں میں مگن ہو چکے ہیں۔ اُن کے ساتھ کیا کیا ہوگا اُنکی قسمت میں لکھا ہے اور کب کیا ہو سکتا اس بات سے وہ بےخبر ہے۔
Mishaaf is a story of characters who are so lost in their own selves that they do the sin they were told to stay away from as their right. Characters who have forgotten their original purpose and become engrossed in the colors of the world. What will happen to them is written in their fate and he is unaware of when it can happen.
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Anabiya Shaikh have some incredible Novels book distributed in episodic form and also some of the novels are mentioned bellow. Anabiya Shaikh positioned high in Urdu stories. which satisfies the motivation behind instructing the community about moral values.
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Mishaaf By Anabiya Shaikh

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