Siyah Titliyan Complete Urdu Novel By Arooj Nawab Kiyani

Urdu Novel: Siyah Titliyan
Writer: Arooj Nawab Kiyani
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Siyah Titliyan Description:
Siyah Titliyan is a Urdu Romantic Urdu Novel, Siyah Titliyan is a forced marriage urdu novels, Siyah Titliyan is a Islamic Based Urdu Novel, Siyah Titliyan is a Rich Hero Based urdu novel, Siyah Titliyan is a Revenge Based Urdu Novel, Siyah Titliyan is a Sanwli heroin based Urdu Novel, Siyah Titliyan is a unique story, Siyah Titliyan is a Athiest to Islam Based Urdu Novel, Siyah Titliyan is a Suspense based Urdu Novel, Siyah Titliyan is a Rude Hero based urdu novel, Siyah Titliyan is a Short Story urdu novel, Siyah Titliyan is a very interesting urdu novel by Arooj Nawab Kiyani.

Sneak Peak and Story Line of Siyah Titliyan by Arooj Nawab Kiyani.

یہ کہانی ہے اک ایسی لڑکی کی ایک سانولی رنگت کی لڑکی ہے جسے بچپن سے اسکے رنگ کی وجہ سے اپنوں اور دوسروں سے بہت سی باتیں سننی پڑتی ہیں
یہ کہانی ہے ایک ایسے لڑکے کی جس کا سفر اسلام کی طرف راغب ہونے کا تھا۔۔ جو ساؤتھ کورین ہے. بہت ہینڈسم اور سب کا پسندیدہ بھی.
یہ کہانی ہے ان دونوں کے تنہا سفر کی اور پھر ساتھ میں کیے جانے والے مشکل سفر کی۔ایک ایسے لڑکے کی جس نے اپنے مشکل سفر کے بعد لڑکی کا سفر بھی آسان کردیا اسے بھی اسکی راہ دکھاٸی اور جینا سکھایا۔۔ یہ کہانی ہے کوریا کے خوبصورت سفر کی جس میں ہم انکی تہذیب ، معاشرہ ، شہر ، گلیاں ، لوگ سب دیکھیں گے. اس کہانی میں آپ کو ساٸکولوجی کے متعلق بھی بہت کچھ سیکھنے کو ملے گا اور اسلام کے متعلق بھی۔
Siyah Titliyan is a story of a girl with a dark complexion who has to listen to many things from herself and others because of her color since childhood.
Siyah Titliyan is also a story of a boy whose journey was to be attracted to Islam. Which is South Korean. Very handsome and everyone favorite too.
Siyah Titliyan is a journey of both of them alone and then the difficult journey together. Of a boy who made the girl journey easier after his difficult journey, showed her the way and taught her how to live. This is the story of a beautiful trip to Korea in which we will see their culture, society, city, streets, people. In this story you will get to learn a lot about psychology and also about Islam.
Arooj Nawab Kiyani is the author of the book Siyah Titliyan pdf. We hope Urdu Novel Collection even more Readers will like this Interesting Siyah Titliyan Urdu Novel and also give their feedback.

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Siyah Titliyan By Arooj Nawab Kiyani

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