Sulagti Mohabbat Complete Urdu Novel By Aiman Raza

Novel NameSulagti Mohabbat Complete Urdu Novel
AutherAiman Raza
Total Pages395

Urdu Novel: Sulagti Mohabbat
Writer: Aiman Raza
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Sulagti Mohabbat Description:
Sulagti Mohabbat is a Urdu Romantic Urdu Novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a love story Based urdu novels, Sulagti Mohabbat is a Women Rights Based Urdu Novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a Innocent Heroin Based urdu novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a Forced Marriage Based Urdu Novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a Rude Hero based Urdu Novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a unique and Love at first sight based urdu novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a Thriller Based Urdu Novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a Suspense based Urdu Novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a Social Issues based urdu novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a Long Story novel, Sulagti Mohabbat is a very interesting urdu novel by Aiman Raza.

Sneak Peak and Story Line of Sulagti Mohabbat by Aiman Raza.

اسفی۔۔۔وفا کے منہ سے روتے ہوئے نکلا۔۔۔
کتنی چاہ تھی اسے یہ نام وفا کے منہ سے سننے کی اور پوری بھی کب ہوئی جب وہ کسی اور کی ہو چکی تھی۔۔۔
اسنے پلٹ کر وفا کو دیکھا جو خود بھی اسکے غم میں شریک اسکی طرح ہی رو رہی تھی۔۔۔
محبت نہ سہی مگر اسفند سے وفا کا دل کا رشتہ تھا جسے وہ جھٹلا نہیں سکتی تھی۔۔۔
اگر تم میرے بھائی کی پسند نا ہوتی تو خدا قسم تمہیں چرا کر اتنی دور لے جاتا جہاں کسی کی رسائی ممکن نا ہوتی اور ایسا کرنے سے مجھے تم بھی نہ روک پاتی۔۔۔
وہ آخری بار مڑ کر اسے دل میں اتار کر بس کرب سے اتنا ہی بولا اور وہاں سے نکلتا چلا گیا۔
Asfi came out crying from Wafa mouth.
How much he wanted to hear this name from Wafa mouth and when did it come true when it was someone else?
He turned back and saw Wafa who was also crying like him sharing his grief.
It was not love, but Wafa had a heart relationship with Asfand which she could not deny.
If my brother did not like you, God would have stolen you and taken you to such a far place that no one would be able to reach, and even you would not be able to stop me from doing that.
He turned around for the last time and took it in his heart and just said that to the curb and left there.
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Sulagti Mohabbat By Aiman Raza

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