Teri Yaad Sath Hai Complete Urdu Novel By Durre Saman Bilal

Novel NameTeri Yaad Sath Hai Complete Urdu Novel
AutherDurre Saman Bilal
Total Pages218

Urdu Novel: Teri Yaad Sath Hai
Writer: Durre Saman Bilal
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Teri Yaad Sath Hai Description:
Teri Yaad Sath Hai is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Teri Yaad Sath Hai is a University Based Urdu Novel, Teri Yaad Sath Hai is a hero accident based urdu novels, Teri Yaad Sath Hai is a Romantic Hero based urdu novel, Teri Yaad Sath Hai is a Love After Marriage based Urdu Novel, Teri Yaad Sath Hai is a very interesting urdu novel by Durre Saman Bilal.
Sneak Peak of Teri Yaad Sath Hai by Durre Saman Bilal.
وہ زندگی تھا میری۔۔میرے ہاتھوں میں۔۔ ان ہاتھوں میں اس نے آخری سانس لی۔
چٹان جیسی مضبوط نظر آنے والی وہ لڑکی۔۔ اس وقت ریت کی دیوار کی طرح ڈھے گئی۔اسکا بریک ڈاؤن ہو گیا تھا۔ اسکا رونا اس کے آنسو اسکی باتیں ذوہان کا دل چیر رہی تھیں۔۔۔
وہ چلا گیا مجھے چھوڑکر۔۔!
وہ پھوٹ پھوٹ کر رورہی تھی۔
مسز آرب!پلیز حوصلہ کیجیے۔۔
میں آرب کو بہت مس کرتی ہوں۔ہر روز کرتی ہوں ہرلمحہ کرتی ہوں۔ وہ میری زندگی تھا۔۔۔!
وہ بچوں کی طرح رورہی تھی۔
That life was in my hands. In these hands he breathed his last.
That girl who looks strong like a rock. At that time it collapsed like a wall of sand. It had broken down. His cry, his tears, his words were tearing the heart of the soul.
He left me!
She was sobbing.
Mrs. Orb! Please cheer up.
I miss Orb a lot. I do every day, every moment. He was my life!
She was crying like a child.
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Teri Yaad Sath Hai By Durre Saman Bilal

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