Tum Achi Lagti Ho Complete Novel By Maham Mughal

Novel NameTum Achi Lagti Ho Complete Novel
Total Pages1063
AutherMaham Mughal
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Tum Achi Lagti Ho Urdu Novel by Maham Mughal.
Urdu Novel: Tum Achi Lagti Ho
Writer: Maham Mughal
Tum Achi Lagti Ho Description:
Tum Achi Lagti Ho is a Romantic Social Urdu Novel, Love story based novel in urdu, Rude hero cousin Urdu Novel, Suspense and thriller based Urdu Novel.
Sneak Peak of Tum Achi Lagti Ho.
پھر اس کو اپنے اوپر ایک چیز رینگتی ہوئی محسوس ہوئی ، خوف سے اس کا وجود کپکپانے لگا ، آواز گلے میں دب کے رہ گئی۔ چاہ کے بھی کچھ کہہ نہ پائی ۔ وہ جو بھی چیز تھی اب وہ اس کی گردن کے گرد لپٹی جا رہی تھی ۔ اس کو اپنا سانس جاتا ہوا محسوس ہوا ۔ وہ اپنے آپ کو ماضی میں پھر سے محسوس کر رہی تھی ۔ ہاتھ پیر کھلے ہونے کے با وجود وہ ہل نہیں پا رہی تھی۔ تبھی اپنے اندر ہمت پیدا کر کے زور سے چلائی۔
دور ہٹاؤ اسے مجھ سے ۔ اس کی آواز میں اذیت تھی، خوف تھا ۔
Novels Collection of Famouse and also most readed Novels. Tum Achi Lagti Ho is about cousin, Family and women education based Bold and Interesting Novel in urdu. Tum Achi Lagti Ho at Urdu Novels Collection. Maham Mughal written a variety of urdu novels and has large number of fans waiting for new novels.Maham Mughal also writes suspense, Romantic, Social Issue and rude hero based urdu novels. Maham Mughal novels are published in episodic on every month at various platforms furthermore online released.
We hope Urdu Novel Collection even more Readers will like this Interesting Tum Achi Lagti Ho Urdu Novel and also give their feedback.

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Maham Mughal furthermore have some incredible books distributed in episodic form and also some of them are mentioned bellow. Maham Mughal positioned high in Urdu stories. which satisfies the motivation behind instructing the community about moral values.
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Tum Achi Lagti Ho By Maham Mughal

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