Uraan Complete Urdu Novel By Qanita Khadija

Novel NameUraan Complete Urdu Novel
AutherQanita Khadija
Total Pages531

Urdu Novel: Uraan
Writer: Qanita Khadija
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Uraan Description:
Uraan is a Urdu Romantic Urdu Novel, Uraan is a Love Story Based urdu novels, Uraan is a Army Based Urdu Novel, Uraan is a Cousin Marriage urdu novel, Uraan is a Rude hero Urdu Novel, Uraan is a revenge based Urdu Novel, Uraan is a unique story, Uraan is a Women rights Based Urdu Novel, Uraan is a Family based Urdu Novel, Uraan is a Rude Hero based urdu novel, Action Based Novel, Uraan is a Long Story urdu novel, Uraan is a very interesting urdu novel by Qanita Khadija.

Sneak Peak and Story Line of Uraan by Qanita Khadija.

مجھے تم سے نفرت ہے فلک خان،شدید نفرت خدا کرے تم مر جاؤں کہتے ہی اسنے پوری قوت سے شیشے پر اپنا باڈی سپرے مارا اور ہر طرف کانچ بکھر گیا۔
خود کو پر سکون کرتا وہ بیڈ پر آکر لیٹ گیا۔اسے فلک خان سے شدید نفرت تھی مگر اسے یہ معلوم نا تھا کہ اس نفرت کی آگ میں جلنے والا وہ اکیلا نہیں ہے۔
I hate you, Falak Khan, I hate you so much. As soon as he said, he threw his body spray on the glass with all his strength and the glass shattered everywhere.
He calmed himself down and lay down on the bed. He had a strong hatred for Falak Khan, but he did not know that he was not the only one burning in the fire of this hatred.
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Uraan By Qanita Khadija

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