Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry Complete Urdu Novel By Umaima Khan

Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry Urdu Novel by Umaima Khan.
Urdu Novel: Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry
Writer: Umaima Khan
Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry Description:
Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry is a Romantic and social Urdu Novel, Innocent herion Urdu Novel, Love Marriage and Rude based urdu novel, Interesting and action urdu novel by Umaima Khan.
Sneak Peak of Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry.
In this novel Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry, both hidden good and bad aspects of life are revealed. Many of the issues we struggle with will appear in this novel in a light hearted way. Relationships and the good and bad associated with them will also be seen.
Along with Shanom and Maryam, we have to cry and laugh.
In the case of Muawiyah, there will be an opportunity to meet a better man.
Hurriya will be found in the form of a brave and very lovely woman.
Beware of snakes like Siddiqui which are hidden everywhere.
Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry is a beautiful story of a few moments of struggle to succeed in life.
وہ چند پل امر ہوئے ناول میں زندگی کے چھپے ہوئے اچھے اور برے دونوں پہلو دکھائی دیتے ہیں۔ بہت سے ایسے مسائل جن سے ہم نبرد آزما ہوتے ہیں اس ناول میں ہلکے پھلکے انداز میں نظر آئیں گے۔ رشتے اور ان سے جڑی اچھائیاں اور برائیاں بھی دیکھنے کو ملیں گی۔
شانوم اور مریم کی ساتھ ساتھ ہمیں رونا اور ہنسنا بھی پڑے گا۔
معاویہ کی صورت میں ایک بہترین انسان سے ملنے کا موقع ملے گا۔اس ناول میں زہران نے ہمیں بتایا کہ اعتبار نہ کیا جائے تو کیسے پچھتانا پڑتا ہے۔
حوریہ ایک بہادر اور بیحد پیاری خاتون کی صورت میں ملے گی۔
صدیقی جیسے ناگ جو ہر جگہ چھپے ہوتے ہیں ان سے چوکنا رہا جائے۔
وہ چند پل امر ہوئے زندگی میں کامیابی حاصل کرنے کی جدوجہد کی ایک خوبصورت داستان ہے۔
Novels Collection of Famouse and also most readed Novels. Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry is Women educational, Motivational and Interesting Novel in urdu. Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry at Urdu Novels Collection. Umaima Khan written a variety of urdu novels and has large number of fans waiting for new novels.Umaima Khan also writes suspense, Romantic, Social Issue and rude hero based urdu novels. Umaima Khan novels are published in episodic on every month at various platforms furthermore online released.
We hope Urdu Novel Collection even more Readers will like this Interesting Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry Urdu Novel and also give their feedback.

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Read Online Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry Complete Urdu Novel

Wo Chand Pal Jo Amar Thehry By Umaima Khan

At first, this title malal look so pessimistic but after reading it, it was such a good experience of hard work and struggle to survive in the world and how to be truthful to yourself

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