Yaran E Nashanas Complete Urdu Novel By Alif Rajpoot

Yaran E Nashanas Urdu Novel by Mahira Alif Rajpoot.
Urdu Novel: Yaran E Nashanas
Writer: Alif Rajpoot
Yaran E Nashanas Description:
Yaran E Nashanas is a Romantic Urdu Novel, Justice Based urdu latest novel, Rude hero and Rude hero cousin based urdu novel suspense and Interesting urdu novel.
Sneak Peak of Yaran E Nashanas.
Yaran E Nashanas is the story of a war based on truth and falsehood.
This is the story of love and affection wrapped around time
Some secrets and some incomplete relationships.
An ordinary bee can find dirt even in a pile of flowers, while a honey bee always sits on the flower except for the dirt. Both are bees. But there is a difference between their habits and their inner self. The example of humans is similar to that of these bees. Some people distribute sweetness like honey and some people work to spread the stench like a normal bee. But these two bees have one thing in common. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. That is why you also spread goodness. Let them spread the stench, Hanash smiled.
You always encourage me. You never scold me. Why is that?
یہ کہانی ہے حق و باطل پر مبنی جنگ کی۔
یہ داستان ہے وقت کی گرد میں ڈھکی عشق و محبت کی
کچھ رازوں کی اور کچھ ادھورے رشتوں کی۔
ایک عام مکھی پھولوں کے ڈھیر میں بھی گندگی ڈھونڈ ہی لیتی ہے جبکہ شہد کی مکھی گندگی کو چھوڑ کر ہمیشہ پھول پر بیٹھتی ہے۔ دونوں ہی مکھیاں ہیں۔ لیکن دونوں کی عادات اور باطن میں فرق ہے۔ انسانوں کی مثال بھی ان مکھیوں کی طرح ہی ہے۔ کچھ لوگ شہد کی طرح مٹھاس بانٹے ہیں اور کچھ لوگوں کا کام ایک عام مکھی کی طرح گند پھیلانا ہوتا ہے۔ لیکن ان دونوں مکھیوں میں ایک عادت مشترک ہوتی ہے۔ دونوں اپنا کام ہر رکاوٹ کو پار کر کے پوری دلجمعی سے کرتی ہیں۔ اسی لیے تم بھی اچھائی پھیلاؤ۔ ان کو پھیلانے دو گند ہاناش مسکرا دیا۔
آپ ہمیشہ میری حوصلہ افزائی کرتے ہیں۔ کبھی مجھے ڈانٹتے نہیں ہیں۔ ایسا کیوں؟
Novels Collection of Famouse and also most readed Novels. Yaran E Nashanas is Women educational, Motivational and Interesting Novel in urdu. Yaran E Nashanas at Urdu Novels Collection. Alif Rajpoot written a variety of urdu novels and has large number of fans waiting for new novels.Alif Rajpoot also writes suspense, Romantic, Social Issue and rude hero based urdu novels. Alif Rajpoot novels are published in episodic on every month at various platforms furthermore online released.
We hope Urdu Novel Collection even more Readers will like this Interesting Yaran E Nashanas Urdu Novel and also give their feedback.

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Alif Rajpoot furthermore have some incredible books distributed in episodic form and also some of them are mentioned bellow. Alif Rajpoot positioned high in Urdu stories. which satisfies the motivation behind instructing the community about moral values.
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Yaran E Nashanas By Alif Rajpoot

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