Atash Ishq Complete Urdu Novel By Wahiba Fatima

Atash Ishq Urdu Novel by Wahiba Fatima.
Urdu Novel: Atash Ishq
Writer: Wahiba Fatima
Atash Ishq Description:
Atash Ishq is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Atash Ishq is also a Forced Marriage based Urdu Novel, Atash Ishq is a Love Story and suspense urdu novels, Atash Ishq is a Haveli based Urdu Novel,Atash Ishq is a Crime and revenge based urdu novel by Wahiba Fatima. Atash Ishq is a very interesting urdu novel by Wahiba Fatima.
Sneak Peak of Atash Ishq by Wahiba Fatima.
لویزا اقبال اس سے پہلے میں تمھیں برباد کر دوں،، دفعہ ہو جاؤ میری آنکھوں کے سامنے سے،،
وہ دانت پیس کر بولتا اس کے سر پر اپنے کندھے سے اتار کر اپنی مردانه شال اوڑھا چکا تھا۔ وہ بے یقینی کے عالم میں اس سے دور ہوتی کھلی کھڑکی کے پاس جا لگی۔۔
افضل،، وہ دھاڑا،، میڈم کو ان کے گھر چھوڑ کر آؤ،، ابھی اور اسی وقت باعزت،، احترام کے ساتھ،، وہ بول کر اس کی جانب سے رخ پھیر گیا۔۔اور ہاتھ کمر پر باندھ لیا۔۔لویزا ہنوز سسک رہی تھی۔
Louisa Iqbal Before I Destroy You, Get Out Of My Eyes
He gritted his teeth and took off his head from his shoulder and covered himself with his masculine shawl. She walked towards the open window away from him in the world of uncertainty.
Afzal, leave that madam at her house, now and at the same time with respect, he turned away from her and tied his hands around her waist. She was still sobbing.
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Atash Ishq By Wahiba Fatima

Assalamualaikum ap ky m NY sary novel read kiy h sab hi bohat achay h is novel ka pdf kab ay ga or aseere hijr ka bi pdf dy dy. Allah pAk ap ko hamesha khush rakhy .

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