Hubb e Aneed Complete Urdu Novel By Wahiba Fatima

Hubb e Aneed Urdu Novel by Wahiba Fatima.
Urdu Novel: Hubb e Aneed
Writer: Wahiba Fatima
Hubb e Aneed Description:
Hubb e Aneed is a Urdu Romantic Novel, Hubb e Aneed is also a Contract Marriage based Urdu Novel, Hubb e Aneed is a Second Marriage and suspense urdu novels, Hubb e Aneed is a love story based Urdu Novel,Hubb e Aneed is a suspense based urdu novel by Wahiba Fatima. Hubb e Aneed is a very interesting urdu novel by Wahiba Fatima.
Sneak Peak of Hubb e Aneed by Wahiba Fatima.
وہ خاموش ہوئی تھی۔ بہت خاموش۔ اور اس کی یہ خاموشی نوٹ کر کے وہ بھی خاموش ہوا تھا پھر سرد سا طویل سانس کھینچ کر گویا ہوا۔
ٹھیک ہے مس علشبہ،، میں منیہا سے شادی کرنے کو تیار ہوں،،
راحم نے بولا تو علشبہ کھل ہی گئی مگر اس کی اگلی ہی بات پر پھر پتنگے لگے۔
میری ایک شرط پر منیہا کے ساتھ ساتھ آپ کو بھی مجھ سے شادی کرنا پڑے گی،، وہ کیا کہتے جسٹ لائک دیٹ،،، سوتن میری سہیلی،
She was silent. Very quiet And noticing his silence, he too fell silent, then took a deep, cold breath.
Ok miss alishba i am ready to marry maniha
When Raheem spoke, Alashaba opened up, but at his next word, the kites started flying again.
On one of my conditions, along with Maniha, you will also have to marry me. What do they say? Just like that.
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Hubb e Aneed By Wahiba Fatima

Assalamualaikum ap ky m NY sary novel read kiy h sab hi bohat achay h is novel ka pdf kab ay ga or aseere hijr ka bi pdf dy dy. Allah pAk ap ko hamesha khush rakhy .

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