Kainat Complete Novel By Aatir Shaheen

Kainat is writen by Aatir Shaheen.
Kainat is Social Romantic story, famouse Urdu Novel Online Reading at Urdu Novel Collection.
Kainat is a Socio Cultural Urdu Novel written by Magazine Writer & Novelist Aatir Shaheen. She picked the poison bottle and entered into the Kitchen. Her heart was thumping fast and she felt it will break her chest. She was also afraid of someone might see her in kitchen and this can flops her plan. She carefully watched room doors over her shoulders, the door was closed. She immediately uncapped the bottle with trembling hands and poured all poison into the boiling water of kettle. She left kitchen before someone can see her. She had successfully completed the sabotage mission
Aatir Shaheen is an established writer and writing regularly. The novel Kainat Complete Novel By Aatir Shaheen also

Aatir Shaheen is a Popular Urdu novel writer and writes Many famouse urdu novels . Aatir Shaheen is mostly popular among female readers,The Aatir Shaheen stories are published in episodic format every month at various platforms and on Aatir Shaheen facebook page are eventually released as separate novels.
We hope Urdu Novel Collection Readers will like this beautiful Kainat Urdu Novel and give their feedback.

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