Ru Siyah Complete Urdu Novel By Aatir Shaheen

Novel NameRu Siyah Complete Urdu Novel
Total Pages2332
AutherAatir Shaheen
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Urdu Novel: Ru Siyah
Writer: Aatir Shaheen
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Ru Siyah Description:
Ru Siyah is a Urdu Romantic Urdu Novel, Ru Siyah is a Action Based urdu novels, Ru Siyah is a Crime Based Urdu Novel, Ru Siyah is a War Based urdu novel, Ru Siyah is a Revenge Based Urdu Novel, Ru Siyah is a Rude Hero based Urdu Novel, Ru Siyah is a unique and secret agent story, Ru Siyah is a Adventure Based Urdu Novel, Ru Siyah is a Suspense based Urdu Novel, Ru Siyah is a Rude Hero based urdu novel, Ru Siyah is a Long Story urdu novel, Ru Siyah is a very interesting urdu novel by Aatir Shaheen.

Sneak Peak and Story Line of Ru Siyah by Aatir Shaheen.

وہ ایک موصوم سیدھا سادا نوجوان، غربت کی گود میں پلا بڑھا، خوابوں کی دنیا ہی اسکا کا مسکن تھا کہ اسے سبق سکھانے کے لیے اسکی بہن کو اغوا کرلیا گیا تھا اور تب اسے آنکھیں آہن پوش کرنی پڑیں۔ مصائب کے دلدل کو پار کرتاہوا وہ آگے بڑھاتو اس پر آشکار ہوا کہ تقدس کے ملمع چڑھی چھروں کے عقب میں مکروہ چھرے ہیں۔ وہ ان کے چھروں سے نقاب ہٹانا چاہتا تھا مگر بھول گیا تھا کہ زنینی خدا بن بیٹھے مقدس ظلمین کی قوت باقابل شکست ہے۔
He was an innocent and simple youth, grew up in the lap of poverty, the world of dreams was his abode, his sister was kidnapped to teach him a lesson and then he had to blindfold him. Crossing the quagmire of suffering, he went forward and it became clear to him that behind the coated pellets of holiness were the pellets of abomination. He wanted to remove the mask from their bullets, but he forgot that the power of the holy tyrants who became Gods of Zinini is invincible.
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Aatir Shaheen have some incredible Novels book distributed in episodic form and also some of the novels are mentioned bellow. Aatir Shaheen positioned high in Urdu stories. which satisfies the motivation behind instructing the community about moral values.
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Ru Siyah By Aatir Shaheen

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