Yeh Galian Yeh Chobaray Novel By Faiza Iftikhar

Yeh Galian Yeh Chobaray Urdu Novel By Faiza Iftikhar is also a Romantic Urdu Novel at Urdu Novel Collection. Yeh Galian Yeh Chobaray is a Collection of Four Stories short stories (Novelettes), Lives of Men and Women of Red Light Area (Diamond Market),

  • Hum Dasht Thay keh Darya, Cruel Reallity of Greedy and Ungrateful Nature of People
  • Aji Suntay Ho, unsatisfied partners of spouses, superior complex, interesting and funny story
  • Ankhon se Meri Dekho, Lovely Romantic Story

. Faiza Iftikhar chooses a variety of interesting topics to write about.

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