Mala Episode 16 Complete Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmad

Novel NameMala Episode 16 Complete Urdu Novel
AutherNimra Ahmad
Total Pages195

Mala Episode 16 Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmad.
Urdu Novel: Mala Episode 16
Writer: Nimra Ahmad
Mala Episode 16 Description:
Mala Episode 16 is a Romantic Urdu Novel, Mala Episode 16 is also an Educational and Family Based Urdu Novel, Mala Episode 16 Kala Jado Based Urdu Novel, Social Issues, Suspense urdu novel, Mala Episode 16 is a Women Education Based Urdu Novel, Mala Episode 16 is very interesting love story Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmad.
Sneak Peak of Mala Episode 16 by Nimra Ahmad.
میری پوتی کو مت مارنا۔وہ بہت قیمتی ہے۔ بوڑھے ہاتھ نے اسکے ہاتھ کو پکڑرکھاتھا۔
ساری دنیا ایک دم سیاہ اور سفید ہو گی تھی۔سارے رنگ غائب ہو گئے تھے۔
سب واضح تھا۔صاف اور شفاف۔
بس اسٹاپ تک پہنچتے ہی وہ رکی۔گہرے سانس اندر کھینچے۔ایک دو تین۔
پھر موبائل اسکرین روشن کی۔وہ گوگل میپس نہیں کھول رہی تھی۔
وہ ایک نمبر ملارہی تھی۔
مجھے ایک اپائنٹمنٹ چاہیے۔
اس کی آواز کپکپائی۔
ابارشن کے لیے۔۔
Do not kill my granddaughter. She is very precious. The old hand held his hand.
The whole world would be black and white at once. All colors had disappeared.
Everything was clear. Clear and transparent.
He stopped as soon as he reached the bus stop. He took a deep breath. One two three.
Then the mobile screen was on. She was not opening Google Maps.
She was getting a number.
I need an appointment.
His voice trembled.
For abortion.
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Mala Episode 16 By Nimra Ahmad

for me nimra ahmed is the best writer of Urdu novels. her way of writing, description of characters Islamic teaching, and the whole scenario she presents in her novels is outstanding. keep it up
Allah bless you

Maala by Nimra Ahmad is the best novel
Nimra Ahmad is such a super and successful writer
Vyting for Maala eposide no 13

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