Mala Episode 17 Complete Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmad

Novel NameMala Episode 17 Complete Urdu Novel
AutherNimra Ahmad
Total Pages110

Mala Episode 17 Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmad.
Urdu Novel: Mala Episode 17
Writer: Nimra Ahmad
Mala Episode 17 Description:
Mala Episode 17 is a Romantic Urdu Novel, Mala Episode 17 is also an Educational and Family Based Urdu Novel, Mala Episode 17 Kala Jado Based Urdu Novel, Social Issues, Suspense urdu novel, Mala Episode 17 is a Women Education Based Urdu Novel, Mala Episode 17 is very interesting love story Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmad.
Sneak Peak of Mala Episode 17 by Nimra Ahmad.
اس کے قدموں تلے سڑک لرزنے لگی۔ وہ اپنے پیروں پہ دائیں بائیں گھومی۔آسمان بھی ساتھ ہی گھوما۔ بدر۔۔ اس نے خود کو چلاتے سنا۔ ساری آوازیں خاموش ہو گئی تھیں۔ ساری کوشبوئیں دم توڑ گئی تھیں۔ بدر۔۔ اس کے قدم بھاگتے ہوئے اٹھ رہے تھے۔ کیمرہ گردن میں اسٹریپ سے جھول گیا ۔ وہ اب دکانداروں سے ، راہ چلتے لوگوں سے، بدحواسی سے پوچھ رہی تھی۔ میرا بیٹا۔۔چھوٹا سا۔۔ وہ ہاتھ کے اشارے سے اس کا قد بتا رہی تھی۔ چہرہ سفید اور خوف سے بھری آنکھوں میں پانی تھا۔ وہ خوف جو ساڑھے تین برس سے کسی آسیب کی طرح اس کا پیچھا کرتا رہا تھا۔ وہ خوف حقیقت بن چکا تھا۔ کوئی اسکے بدر کو لے گیا تھا۔
The road began to shake under his feet. He turned left and right on his feet. The sky also turned. Badr. He heard himself shout. All voices were silenced. All the words were dead. Badr. His feet were running. The camera was hung from a neck strap. She was now asking the shopkeepers, the passers-by, frantically. My little son. She was telling his height with hand gestures. His face was white and his eyes filled with fear. The fear that had been following him like a demon for three and a half years. That fear had become a reality. Someone had taken his badr.
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Mala Episode 17 By Nimra Ahmad

for me nimra ahmed is the best writer of Urdu novels. her way of writing, description of characters Islamic teaching, and the whole scenario she presents in her novels is outstanding. keep it up
Allah bless you

Maala by Nimra Ahmad is the best novel
Nimra Ahmad is such a super and successful writer
Vyting for Maala eposide no 13

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