Mala Episode 8 Complete Urdu Novel By Nimra Ahmad

Novel NameMala Episode 8 Complete Urdu Novel
AutherNimra Ahmad
Total Pages108

Mala Episode 8 Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmad.
Urdu Novel: Mala Episode 8
Writer: Nimra Ahmad
Mala Episode 8 Description:
Mala Episode 8 is a Romantic Urdu Novel, Mala Episode 8 is also an Educational and Family Based Urdu Novel, Mala Episode 8 Kala Jado Based Urdu Novel, Social Issues, Suspense urdu novel, Mala Episode 8 is a Women Education By Nimra Ahmad, Mala Episode 8 is very interesting love story Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmad.
Sneak Peak of Mala Episode 8 by Nimra Ahmad.
ماں کے ہوتے ہوئے اس کمرے میں کچھ مختلف سا تھا۔ معید چوکھٹ میں آکھڑا ہوا۔وہ بھی وہی دیکھ رہا تھا جو اس کی نظروں میں تھا۔
وہ ماں کی رونق تھی۔بڑوں کی اپنی رونق ہو تی ہے۔ وہ سر جھکائے انگلیاں چادر پہ پھیرتے ہوئے کچھ محسوس کر رہی تھی۔ ہر کونے سے انکی آواز آتی ہے۔ کمرے کا دروازہ کھولتی ہوں تو لگنا ہے وہ سامنے بیڈ پہ بیٹھی ہوں گی۔ ٹانگیں نیچے لٹکائے،گود میں دواؤں کا باکس رکھے، سر جھکائے الجھی سی کچھ تلاش کر رہی ہوں گی۔
ہم اپنی ماؤں کو ہمیشہ کاموں میں پھنسا،الجھا الجھا سا ہی دیکھتے ہیں۔ مب انکی خدمت کروانے کی عمر آتی ہے تو وہ چلی جاتی ہیں۔ وہ چوکھٹ سے سر ٹکائے اداس نظر آرہا تھا۔
There was something different in this room with my mother. Moeed stood in the doorway. He was also looking at what was in his eyes.
She was the glory of the mother. The elders have their own glory. She was feeling something while bowing her head and moving her fingers on the sheet. Their voices come from every corner. When I open the door of the room, it seems that she is sitting on the bed in front. Hanging her legs down, holding a medicine box in her lap, bowing her head, she would be looking for something tangled.
We always see our mothers in a quandary, confused. When the age comes to serve them, they leave. He leaned against the door and looked sad.
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Mala Episode 8 By Nimra Ahmad

for me nimra ahmed is the best writer of Urdu novels. her way of writing, description of characters Islamic teaching, and the whole scenario she presents in her novels is outstanding. keep it up
Allah bless you

Maala by Nimra Ahmad is the best novel
Nimra Ahmad is such a super and successful writer
Vyting for Maala eposide no 13

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